Stephen Ahern, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of English & Theatre

Phone: (902) 585-1517

Research Interests

  • Cultural theory: identity, ethics, multiculturalism, the public sphere
  • Antislavery literature and the rhetoric of the early abolitionist movement
  • Second-language pedagogy (particularly teaching English as second language); international students, cultural difference, and the effectiveness of university education

Current Research

In my role as ACSED director, I am currently developing research projects and organizing workshops and colloquia. I have recently edited a collection of essays on antislavery literature and the politics of the early abolitionist movement titled Affect and Abolition in the Anglo-Atlantic, 1770–1830 (Ashgate 2013). I have also contributed a chapter on the rhetoric of sentimental humanitarianism and the legacies of forced migration to ACSED member Rachel Brickner's Migration, Globalization, and the State (Palgrave 2013),

With colleagues Sonya Major, Bob Perrins, and Doug Symons, I produced a report that assessed the effectiveness of the educational experience for international students, titled "Academic and social adjustment of foreign students for whom English is a second language." Based on focus group interviews with different groups of students, this report provides fresh insight into the challenges they face adapting to the norms and expectations of North American university life.