Bernard Delpêche, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Languages & Literatures

Phone: (902) 585-1352

Research Interests

My works cover the domains of post-colonial discourse and focuses on inter-racial relations. It will be very important, in my opinion, to bring a socio-linguistic aspect to the new program of ethnocultural diversity. In this vein, I would like to bring my contributions to the studies of relations between French communities of Canada and other Canadian minorities. I am also interested in teaching a French or bilingual course in this domain. I hope we will discuss these matters in the next meeting.

Selected Publications

L'autodérision chez Dany Laferrièere, in Collectif L'humour dans la littérature francophone, Vanderbilt University Press, Anthère éditeur, 2003, in press.

Preface to Plea, (English version and French version) by Saint-Ange. Marcellus, Boston, E. Taylor, 2002. p.3-8.

"Le roman théâtral chez Frankétienne" (article), Actes du théâtre créolophone, Ottawa, Alvina Ruprecht éditeur, Carleton University Press, 2000.p.52-67.

"Voodoo and literature", in Anthology of Caribbean Religions, CERLAC, Toronto, Frederick Case et Ramabai Espinet éditeurs, 1999.p. 212- 230.


December 2004. "African Canadians of Nova Scotia," on line, 5th Colloquium on Diversity.

April 2004. "Types et stéréotypes," 3rd Annual Conference, Holguin University, Cuba, (This presentation will be published in the Acts of the Conference).

March 2004. "Haïti, l'île qui meurt," 11th Annual Conference CERLAC, York University.