Michael Dennis, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of History & Classics

Phone: (902) 585-1377
Email: michael.dennis@acadiau.ca

Research Interests

I'm currently working on a project about de-industrialization and the impact of the New Economy on the American South. This study will address examine the implications of corporate give-backs, anti-unionism, free trade, and corporate internationalization for working-class southerners, many of whom are African Americans lodged in low-wage jobs. In many ways this study will address the meaning and practice of democracy in the South of the late twentieth century.

I'm also interested in a comparative study of the civil rights movement in Nova Scotia and American South. One of the guiding questions is: why didn't the drive for racial equality produce a more significant body of legislation? A more enduring institutional presence? A stronger grass-roots response? Is it simply a question of demography or does it raise issues of political culture?



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Lessons in Progress: State Universities and Progressivism in the New South, 1880-1920 (Urbana and Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2001.)

Chapters in Books

"Luther P. Jackson on the African American Perimeters: Education and Politics in the Early Civil Rights Era," in 'We Will Independent Be:' African American Place-Making and the Struggle to Claim Space in the United States, ed. Leslie Alexander and Angel David Nieves. U. of Colorado Press: 2005.

"More Than Broken Glass: American Youth Activism in the 1990s," in Notes from Underground: Essays on American Youth Subcultures. Greenwood Press: 2005.


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