Jeff Hennessy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Music
Dean of Arts (Acting)

Phone: 585-1577

Research Interests

Prior to 2004, my research focused on contemporary Western Art Music, employing mathematical analysis models. When I began my doctoral studies in 2004, I became more interested in questions of music's role in constructing socio-cultural and sub-cultural identity, and in cross-cultural interaction. I developed a model for the analysis of groove-based musics, building on the metrical theories of Christopher Hasty. This model considers both the sonic and social components of musical groove as both a source for individual expression and group identity formation. Through this, I am able to study how musical cultures interact at the groove level, particularly in multicultural societies. My research focus to date has been on the Canadian experience, and I am particularly interested in how immigrant communities (both new and established) adapt and maintain their musical traditions in a musical climate dominated by Western popular culture.