Anna Saroli, M.Ed.
Lecturer, Department of Languages & Literatures

Phone: (902) 585-1384

Research Interests

My main research interest is the situation of the language and culture of the Quechua-speaking people of Perú vis-à-vis the mainstream Spanish-speaking society. Next year I will be on sabbatical leave in Perú, where I will work with a local NGO and with local educators to examine the strength of traditional culture, how it is supported by the government through bilingual education, and the way Quechua-speakers are perceived/perceive themselves as part of Peruvian society as a whole.

Selected Publications

"The Persistence of Memory: Traditional Andean Culture Expressed in Recurrent Themes and Images in Quechua Love Songs." Confluencia. Vol 20 No. 2. Spring 2005.

"Can the Quechua Language Survive in Perú in Spite of Public Policy?" Cultural Survival Quarterly. June 2001.

"Perú´s Other Language" Sunday Herald July 19, 1998.

Selected Presentations

"Defining Culture: Intercultural Bilingual Education and the Officialization of Culture in Perú”. Latin American Studies Association Congress, Montreal, September 2007.

“Programs of Bilingual and Intercultural Education for Speakers of Aboriginal Languages in Perú and Canada”. ACSED Inaugural Workshop, Acadia University. August 2006.

“The Imaginary Inca: Public Representation of the Peruvian Indigenous People”. Latin American Studies Association Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico. March 2006.

"El Quechua: "¿Lengua en peligro?". Atlantic Provinces Hispanists Congress. Sept. 1999.

"Uso y patrocinio del quechua en la región cuzqueña". Atlantic Provinces Hispanists Congress. Oct. 1996.